Some Of My Best LilWayne’s Quotes

Get on my level, you can’t get on my level, you gonna need a space shuttle or a ladder that’s forever
-Lil Wayne

My ice is albino white
-Lil Wayne

I eat monsters when I’m hungry
-Lil Wayne

U can find me grindin’ on the days it rains
and thats because I know the sun will raise a-gain
and when it do I’mma praise the Man
-Lil Wayne

I, knock on the door, hope isn’t home
Fate’s not around the lucks all gone
-Lil Wayne

I’m like Niagara but I get right back up like Viagra
-Lil Wayne

Drugs are bad I’m acknowledging that but when I’m on the drugs I don’t have a problem wit that
-Lil Wayne

Cause my seconds, minutes, hours
Go to the almighty dollar
And the almighty power
Of dat cha cha cha chopper
-Lil Wayne

Hip-Hop aint dead it just had a heart attack
-Lil Wayne

Ma sex game is stupid, my head is the dumbest, I promise, I should be hooked on phonics
-Lil Wayne

I’m not looking down but I see no one above me
-Lil Wayne

I don’t even know how to rap
-Lil Wayne

I am untamed – I need a leash
I am insane – I need a shrink
I love brain – I need a leech
-Lil Wayne

I am too dark to tan
-Lil Wayne

Scary movie be screaming when I rhyme
I’ma ‘King’ you can ask ‘Steven’ if I’m lying
-Lil Wayne

Stick it in deeper I like in hard fast and deep
-Lil Wayne

We make music in tha bedroom
-Lil Wayne

…and them birds don’t fly, without my permission,
I’m probably in the sky, flying with the fishes,
or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pigeons,
see my world is different,
like Dwayne Wayne…
-Lil Wayne

I go to earth when mars is boring
-Lil Wayne

If you need a example on how to live then you just should have not been born
-Lil Wayne

I got ice, ridiculous price, ya camera has never saw a picture this nice
-Lil Wayne

I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats
-Lil Wayne

Good girl, gone bad
Crooked world, wrong path
Right mom, wrong dad
-Lil Wayne

If you are shooting for the stars….then just shoot me
-Lil Wayne

I know I’ve gotta lock my casket tight so I don’t let the Devil in
-Lil Wayne

If I can’t live free, if I can’t live with the same respect as the next man, I don’t wanna be here
-Lil Wayne

I take 3 L’s to the head, love , live , life & I’m dead
-Lil Wayne

Keep your mouth closed, and let your eyes listen
-Lil Wayne

Poem: New Girl In School

There was this new girl that came to school
personally I thought she was very cool
struck by a posessive feelin’ in my heart,
I thought: ‘oh my word, where do i start
how do I approach her, and where do I begin
I mean it’s just a crush, lust would be the sin
ain’t askin for her hand in marriage, just her name
luckily I got it from a friend who felt the same
he liked her too
judging from his actions I could read his thoughts
news of her arrival spread even to the niggaz on the basketball courts
shawty was just so wonderful, so beautiful, so sweet, hair tied up(quite neat)
brown skin, trimmed nails and great eyes
silky and black hair as dark as the night skies
her pretty face so full of youth
she gave me a feeling of joy the first time we were introduced
a feeling I had never before-hand been introduced
a feeling of purity, I felt no disgust
believe me when I say this truly was not lust
news of her spread like wildfire, she was the next best thing
whenever I looked at her in class I’d have this incredible urge to sing
I’d hum a love song about her but I’d do it silently
her looks made all my homies’ hearts beat violently
dating her would make me everybody’s envy
but I doubt that relationship would have a happy ending
just a simple crush it was, a temporary insanity of the brain
and now my ‘feelings’ for her have gotten washed off by the Night..
Today I see
she was nothing special, except for being the new girl who came to school

5 Crack Head Riddles

1. If the Red house is on the LEFT and the blue house is on the right, WHERE is The White House ?
Ans: In Washington,Dc
Crazy right
2. This thing Claps and Claps,but you don’t hear it, WHAT is IT ?
Ans: The Eyes
3. If You let me live I shall soon die,if you kill me I shall live long ?
Ans: A lighted Candle
4. There are two boats with only one person in it..What am I ?
Ans: Shoes
5. What is the LONGEST word in the English Language
Ans: “SmileS …cause there is a mile between the 1st and last letters

Haha….they are nice right……PlEaSe LeAvE A CoMmEnT……thank you…….